Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fabric Dying Experiment

I wanted to experiment with dying some white cloth using tea. I had done it before with paper to give it an aged look and I wanted to try it with fabric. It turned out ok but it didn't get as dark as I would have liked but it still was pretty cool. I put the tea in this old pickle jar along with the fabric and left it over night.
The next day I saw my dad making some coffee and got the idea to try coffee to maybe get it to become darker. I left that over night.

And then I had my finished project. It turned out a light tan. I'm still pretty pleased with it. I think that with more experimentation I could come up with a darker color or perhaps other colors. I like the idea of dying your own fabric using natural materials.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

These are two log cabin quilt blocks I made. I'm going to make them into a hussef to hold all my sewing supplies in. Mama inspired me to make the hussef but I was the one that decided to make log cabin blocks instead of having a plain from. I really love the look of the log cabin type square.

When we went to mobile a few weekends ago Mama bought me a pack of extra fine straight pins and I wanted a nice pin cushion to put them in that they would go nice with. I think the white heads go nice with the black and green of this fabric. The pictures are horrid but maybe next time I make something I can get better pictures.