Saturday, February 14, 2009

These are two log cabin quilt blocks I made. I'm going to make them into a hussef to hold all my sewing supplies in. Mama inspired me to make the hussef but I was the one that decided to make log cabin blocks instead of having a plain from. I really love the look of the log cabin type square.

When we went to mobile a few weekends ago Mama bought me a pack of extra fine straight pins and I wanted a nice pin cushion to put them in that they would go nice with. I think the white heads go nice with the black and green of this fabric. The pictures are horrid but maybe next time I make something I can get better pictures.

1 comment:

  1. The pins do look really cute on the cushion! Mine would never stay looking that way though! LOL I like your log cabins! I just did my first log cabin ever for my oldest daughter in orange! lol I didn't think I would like doing log cabins, but I found I really liked it! Even though it meant lots of ironing that I just detest! I am not sure what a hussef is. I did an online search, but that was useless! LOL
    Welcome to blogland! Happy SEwing!